Hyde’s Rescreening Inc. was founded by Christopher Hyde shortly after moving to Coral Springs in 1989. Building this company out of the bedroom of his home, he played the role of secretary, installer, and president. In order to put his name in the game, he knocked on doors with flyers that offered repairs for window and slider screens, as well as the rescreening of pool and patio enclosures.

Eventually, the business began to grow day by day due to the ambition and hard work that is required for any new business owner.  As the phone began to ring more and more in Chris’ home office, he was able to move the company out of the house to a private shop where business could be conducted more professionally. Now that Hyde’s Rescreening Inc. had a proper location, the company was ready and able to hire suitable employees since the work load was more than one person could handle.

Once the company began expanding, Chris earned his contracting license for both Broward and Palm Beach counties to install new patio enclosures and super gutters. Adding these additional services would allow the business to be more versatile for all old and new customers. After Chris and the employees mastered these skills, the company took on the task to learn to install new pool enclosures as well. This business that once knocked on doors for customers has constructed over 200 pool enclosures since late 2005.

Presently, Hyde’s Rescreening Inc. continues to provide services for pool and patio enclosures with the help of Chris’ children and nephews as well as many other dedicated employees.

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